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Q - How much bunting will i require ?

A - One of best ways of measuring how much bunting you need is to hang a piece of string between the two points you want it to hang from allow  

     for a desired hang and 1 metre  (50 cm at each end ) for tying.


Q  - What is the quality of the fabric  used ?

A  - All our fabrics are purchased from suppliers who sell good quality fabrics and have a good  reputation  , if recycled fabrics used will be  

      described as such in product description .


Q  - Can you make large quantities of bunting , favous etc  ?

A  - We are happy to take on commisions , please allow time for these to be made , just contact  us  for a quote .


Q  - Can i have a sample of fabric used ?

A  - Where possible we can send fabric samples  or samples of favours  (Fabric samples posted  

      free , favours can be purchased as a single unit  ).


Q  - Can i clean bunting ?

A  - The best way to clean your bunting is to dry clean or hand wash and dry flat ,iron on a

      cool heat .


Q  - How do i stop fabric fading ?

A  - To  minimise fabric fading  , don't leave out in sun  / rain for long periods of time , store

      properly folded and out light .  


Q  - Do you offer postage discounts ?

A  - We are happy to offer discounts on postage  .  

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